Automatic Stylistic Manga Layout


Manga layout is a core component in manga production, characterized by its unique styles. However, stylistic manga layouts are difficult for novices to produce as it requires hands-on experience and domain knowledge. In this paper, we propose an approach to automatically generate a stylistic manga layout from a set of input artworks with user-specified semantics, thus allowing less-experienced users to create high-quality manga layouts with minimal efforts. We first introduce three parametric style models that encode the unique stylistic aspects of manga layouts, including layout structure, panel importance, and panel shape. Next, we propose a two-stage approach to generate a manga layout: 1) an initial layout is created that best fits the input artworks and layout structure model, according to a generative probabilistic framework; 2) the layout and artwork geometries are jointly refined using an efficient optimization procedure, resulting in a professional-looking manga layout. Through a user study, we demonstrate that our approach enables novice users to easily and quickly produce higher-quality layouts that exhibit realistic manga styles, when compared to a commercially-available manual layout tool.





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