Examples of Semantic Video Texture Annotation

These are examples of semantic video annotation using DTM models and semantic multi-class labeling (SML) on the DynTex database.
The human (ground-truth) annotations alongside top-5 automated generated annotations are shown with each example.

Gtruth plant, oscillating flag, waving waving
DTM-HEM oscillating, tree, plant, aquarium, dmotions flag, waving, turbulent, laundry, river fountain, anemone, turbulent, oscillating, dmotion
GMM-HEM-DCT oscillating, plant, tree, anemone, windmill candle, flag, turbulent, interinsic, laundry field, waterfall, stream, server, shower
GMM-HEM-OPF plant, toilet, field, anemone, oscillating candle, interinsic, turbulent, fountain, windmill toilet, plant, field, oscillating, anemone
Gtruth tree, oscillating plant, oscillating tree, oscillating
DTM-HEM tree, oscillating, basin, dmotions, fountain plant, oscillating, tree, waterfall, aquarium tree, plant, oscillating, aquarium, random
GMM-HEM-DCT tree, oscillating, windmill, plant, dmotions oscillating, plant, tree, anemone, foam tree, oscillating, plant, windmill, waving
GMM-HEM-OPF basin, dmotion, fountain, stream, river toilet, plant, field, sky, oscillating net, pond, foam, source, aquarium
Gtruth tree, oscillating pond, foam, waving, dmotions stream, dmotion, turbulent
DTM-HEM plant, oscillating, tree, aquarium, anemone pond, foam, fountain, basin, random stream, foam, dmotions, fountain, waterfall
GMM-HEM-DCT oscillating, plant, anemone, foam, tree foam, waving, basin, stream, anemone stream, fountain, basin, waterfall, dmotion
GMM-HEM-OPF field, plant, toilet, anemone, oscillating foam, pond, random, tree, source waterfall, fountain, stream, dmotion, turbulent
Gtruth boiling, turbulent plant, oscillating basin, waterfall, dmotion, turbulent, dmotions
DTM-HEM boiling, turbulent, laundry, waving, flag plant, oscillating, tree, aquarium, stream pond, fountain, basin, waving, dmotions
GMM-HEM-DCT boiling, laundry, candle, flag, turbulent waterfall, stream, oscillating, foam, plant waving, foam, basin, source, random
GMM-HEM-OPF fountain, turbulent, candle, interinsic, dmotion toilet, plant, field, oscillating, anemone basin, random, sea, fountain, stream
Gtruth waterfall, dmotion, dmotions dmotions turbulent
DTM-HEM dmotion, waterfall, dmotions, field, oscillating waving, fountain, basin, dmotions, dmotion laundry, toilet, turbulent, boiling, flag
GMM-HEM-DCT shower, plant, field, server, oscillating road, turbulent, dmotion, fountain, dmotions laundry, toilet, candle, source, interinsic
GMM-HEM-OPF toilet, anemone, oscillating, plant, tree mobile, aquarium, turbulent, server, interinsic anemone, net, tree, oscillating, aquarium
Gtruth plant, oscillating river, rain, dmotion, random basin, fountain, waving, dmotion, turbulent
DTM-HEM plant, oscillating, tree, waterfall, basin rain, random, river, pond, basin fountain, basin, dmotion, turbulent, waving
GMM-HEM-DCT plant, tree, oscillating, anemone, interinsic rain, pond, river, random, foam turbulent, candle, laundry, sky, flag
GMM-HEM-OPF toilet, plant, field, oscillating, anemone rain, pond, random, river, basin net, waterfall, random, waving, river
Gtruth fountain candle, turbulent, interinsic escalator, dmotion
DTM-HEM fountain, sea, waving, turbulent, laundry candle, interinsic, dmotion, turbulent, waving escalator, dmotion, waterfall, turbulent, flag
GMM-HEM-DCT fountain, anemone, waving, turbulent, dmotion laundry, toilet, candle, interinsic, source escalator, waterfall, dmotion, basin, plant
GMM-HEM-OPF fountain, dmotion, waterfall, laundry, shower plant, toilet, anemone, oscillating, field escalator, laundry, shower, waterfall, candle
Gtruth boiling, turbulent laundry, turbulent plant, oscillating
DTM-HEM boiling, laundry, turbulent, flag, waving laundry, flag, turbulent, waving, boiling plant, oscillating, tree, aquarium, waterfall
GMM-HEM-DCT boiling, dmotion, server, laundry, net laundry, windmill, candle, flag, turbulent plant, tree, oscillating, anemone, windmill
GMM-HEM-OPF fountain, waterfall, turbulent, dmotion, interinsic laundry, flag, waving, windmill, dmotions plant, toilet, field, anemone, oscillating
Gtruth plant, oscillating anemone, oscillating dmotion
DTM-HEM plant, oscillating, tree, dmotions, basin anemone, oscillating, aquarium, tree, sky dmotion, waving, turbulent, basin, flag
GMM-HEM-DCT tree, oscillating, plant, windmill, dmotions source, turbulent, fountain, sky, dmotion server, candle, dmotion, laundry, turbulent
GMM-HEM-OPF tree, anemone, oscillating, interinsic, field toilet, plant, field, anemone, sky anemone, tree, oscillating, plant, server
Gtruth river, rain, dmotion, random sky, dmotion flag, waving
DTM-HEM rain, river, random, basin, fountain sky, dmotion, fountain, toilet, turbulent flag, waving, boiling, laundry, turbulent
GMM-HEM-DCT rain, pond, foam, random, river sky, flag, boiling, laundry, windmill flag, candle, laundry, windmill, turbulent
GMM-HEM-OPF rain, random, source, pond, aquarium sky, foam, laundry, pond, fountain flag, boiling, laundry, candle, windmill
Gtruth tree, oscillating escalator, dmotions oscillating
DTM-HEM plant, tree, oscillating, anemone, waterfall escalator, dmotions, waterfall, dmotion, flag oscillating, plant, tree, anemone, field
GMM-HEM-DCT plant, tree, oscillating, anemone, basin escalator, shower, windmill, dmotions, candle oscillating, plant, field, sky, anemone
GMM-HEM-OPF field, plant, anemone, tree, oscillating escalator, boiling, dmotions, fountain, waving toilet, plant, field, sky, mobile
Gtruth laundry, turbulent flag, waving basin, fountain, waving, dmotion, turbulent
DTM-HEM laundry, turbulent, boiling, flag, waving flag, waving, turbulent, laundry, boiling fountain, dmotion, turbulent, basin, waving
GMM-HEM-DCT laundry, candle, toilet, interinsic, turbulent flag, candle, waving, road, windmill candle, turbulent, laundry, sky, flag
GMM-HEM-OPF oscillating, interinsic, turbulent, anemone, waterfall flag, laundry, boiling, windmill, waving net, foam, random, aquarium, tree
Gtruth stream, foam, dmotion, oscillating anemone, oscillating net
DTM-HEM foam, stream, source, waterfall, dmotions anemone, boiling, laundry, flag, turbulent net, basin, turbulent, sea, waving
GMM-HEM-DCT basin, dmotions, foam, fountain, waterfall boiling, laundry, anemone, flag, candle net, dmotion, fountain, turbulent, shower
GMM-HEM-OPF stream, waterfall, fountain, turbulent, dmotion waterfall, fountain, dmotion, turbulent, dmotions plant, toilet, anemone, oscillating, tree
Gtruth fountain, waterfall, source, dmotion, dmotions sea, dmotion, turbulent anemone, oscillating
DTM-HEM source, fountain, dmotions, stream, waterfall sea, turbulent, dmotion, fountain, waving anemone, oscillating, aquarium, stream, fountain
GMM-HEM-DCT source, foam, waving, pond, river sea, river, waving, fountain, dmotion field, stream, anemone, server, waterfall
GMM-HEM-OPF sea, basin, river, stream, waving rain, source, aquarium, random, field plant, field, toilet, anemone, oscillating
Gtruth fountain, waving anemone, oscillating tree, oscillating
DTM-HEM foam, stream, dmotions, fountain, windmill anemone, turbulent, waving, sea, interinsic anemone, river, oscillating, interinsic, tree
GMM-HEM-DCT aquarium, basin, dmotions, fountain, waving anemone, stream, fountain, foam, dmotions field, laundry, interinsic, sky, server
GMM-HEM-OPF fountain, basin, waving, dmotion, waterfall field, plant, anemone, tree, oscillating field, plant, toilet, anemone, oscillating
Gtruth mobile, dmotion plant, oscillating stream, waving
DTM-HEM mobile, waving, sea, stream, fountain plant, tree, oscillating, fountain, dmotions stream, fountain, foam, waterfall, windmill
GMM-HEM-DCT mobile, source, turbulent, laundry, server tree, plant, dmotions, oscillating, interinsic stream, dmotions, fountain, anemone, basin
GMM-HEM-OPF toilet, plant, field, anemone, oscillating random, sea, basin, river, aquarium stream, random, fountain, waterfall, dmotion
Gtruth tree, oscillating anemone, oscillating river
DTM-HEM plant, oscillating, tree, field, anemone anemone, oscillating, interinsic, aquarium, fountain river, sea, waving, dmotion, fountain
GMM-HEM-DCT plant, tree, oscillating, anemone, interinsic source, foam, anemone, basin, turbulent river, sea, waving, mobile, fountain
GMM-HEM-OPF toilet, plant, sky, field, oscillating toilet, plant, field, anemone, oscillating boiling, fountain, river, waving, waterfall
Gtruth basin, waterfall, waving, dmotion, random fountain, pond, dmotion, turbulent shower, waving
DTM-HEM basin, random, waterfall, waving, pond pond, random, river, foam, fountain shower, toilet, boiling, laundry, turbulent
GMM-HEM-DCT random, road, waving, river, basin foam, stream, source, fountain, basin shower, net, dmotion, foam, fountain
GMM-HEM-OPF random, river, basin, sea, stream random, aquarium, field, tree, anemone random, shower, basin, source, sea
Gtruth tree, oscillating boiling, turbulent fountain
DTM-HEM plant, tree, oscillating, anemone, random boiling, laundry, turbulent, toilet, flag fountain, turbulent, laundry, waving, dmotion
GMM-HEM-DCT interinsic, source, turbulent, sky, oscillating boiling, laundry, candle, flag, windmill anemone, fountain, turbulent, interinsic, basin
GMM-HEM-OPF plant, field, toilet, anemone, oscillating boiling, fountain, candle, turbulent, flag shower, fountain, basin, random, dmotion
Gtruth fountain, dmotion, turbulent dmotions source, turbulent
DTM-HEM turbulent, fountain, dmotion, waving, basin waving, fountain, basin, dmotions, dmotion anemone, source, foam, pond, turbulent
GMM-HEM-DCT oscillating, turbulent, interinsic, basin, fountain dmotions, dmotion, fountain, waving, basin toilet, laundry, mobile, source, candle
GMM-HEM-OPF tree, field, plant, anemone, net mobile, toilet, aquarium, anemone, oscillating plant, field, toilet, anemone, oscillating
Gtruth fountain, dmotion, turbulent stream, shower, dmotion candle, waving
DTM-HEM toilet, fountain, dmotion, candle, interinsic shower, stream, dmotion, boiling, laundry candle, turbulent, waving, interinsic, laundry
GMM-HEM-DCT candle, interinsic, sky, turbulent, windmill shower, field, plant, windmill, stream dmotion, server, oscillating, fountain, turbulent
GMM-HEM-OPF candle, interinsic, laundry, fountain, windmill waterfall, fountain, dmotions, dmotion, turbulent toilet, plant, anemone, oscillating, field
Gtruth fountain plant, oscillating plant, oscillating
DTM-HEM fountain, waving, turbulent, dmotion, laundry oscillating, plant, tree, anemone, aquarium plant, tree, oscillating, dmotions, fountain
GMM-HEM-DCT anemone, fountain, interinsic, turbulent, basin oscillating, stream, waterfall, foam, field tree, basin, oscillating, dmotions, plant
GMM-HEM-OPF fountain, basin, shower, waterfall, dmotion toilet, plant, sky, field, mobile anemone, toilet, oscillating, waterfall, interinsic
Gtruth turbulent sea, dmotion, turbulent field, oscillating
DTM-HEM flag, boiling, turbulent, laundry, waving sea, dmotion, river, turbulent, waving field, anemone, oscillating, waterfall, laundry
GMM-HEM-DCT candle, laundry, interinsic, turbulent, windmill sea, fountain, mobile, turbulent, dmotion field, laundry, sky, shower, server
GMM-HEM-OPF interinsic, turbulent, anemone, oscillating, server waterfall, foam, net, random, dmotion plant, field, toilet, anemone, oscillating
Gtruth tree, oscillating sea, waving plant, oscillating
DTM-HEM tree, oscillating, anemone, fountain, basin sea, river, dmotion, waving, turbulent plant, oscillating, tree, aquarium, waterfall
GMM-HEM-DCT plant, tree, oscillating, anemone, interinsic sea, river, waving, mobile, road oscillating, plant, tree, anemone, foam
GMM-HEM-OPF tree, anemone, source, oscillating, field shower, basin, dmotions, fountain, dmotion toilet, plant, field, sky, mobile
Gtruth dmotions sea, dmotion, turbulent stream, waving, dmotion
DTM-HEM laundry, turbulent, flag, boiling, waving sea, dmotion, turbulent, waving, fountain stream, waving, sea, river, basin
GMM-HEM-DCT candle, interinsic, turbulent, laundry, source sea, river, fountain, waving, dmotion river, sea, road, waving, random
GMM-HEM-OPF oscillating, anemone, turbulent, stream, tree net, foam, pond, aquarium, river net, river, sea, stream, waving
Gtruth fountain, pond, dmotion, turbulent anemone, interinsic stream, dmotion, turbulent
DTM-HEM pond, waterfall, basin, random, foam anemone, oscillating, tree, interinsic, plant stream, fountain, foam, windmill, waving
GMM-HEM-DCT pond, foam, waving, river, stream source, server, turbulent, oscillating, dmotion stream, anemone, aquarium, dmotions, fountain
GMM-HEM-OPF sea, basin, shower, source, random toilet, plant, field, sky, oscillating shower, fountain, basin, waterfall, random
Gtruth fountain tree, oscillating laundry, turbulent
DTM-HEM fountain, basin, waving, river, pond plant, oscillating, tree, waterfall, field laundry, flag, turbulent, waving, boiling
GMM-HEM-DCT sea, river, waving, road, random plant, tree, oscillating, windmill, anemone windmill, turbulent, aquarium, server, laundry
GMM-HEM-OPF waving, boiling, flag, river, fountain toilet, plant, field, sky, mobile laundry, turbulent, candle, windmill, dmotions
Gtruth basin, fountain, waving, turbulent, dmotions tree, oscillating fountain, dmotion
DTM-HEM basin, fountain, dmotions, random, source plant, oscillating, tree, aquarium, waterfall anemone, fountain, basin, oscillating, interinsic
GMM-HEM-DCT waving, foam, basin, pond, dmotions oscillating, tree, plant, windmill, waving field, server, oscillating, stream, shower
GMM-HEM-OPF aquarium, random, source, stream, tree toilet, plant, field, sky, oscillating toilet, plant, field, anemone, oscillating
Gtruth waterfall, dmotion, turbulent river, waving fountain, dmotion, dmotions
DTM-HEM waterfall, dmotion, turbulent, dmotions, fountain river, waving, flag, windmill, sea dmotions, fountain, dmotion, waterfall, flag
GMM-HEM-DCT waterfall, dmotion, basin, oscillating, dmotions sea, waving, river, road, flag candle, dmotions, waterfall, aquarium, basin
GMM-HEM-OPF waterfall, fountain, turbulent, interinsic, dmotion laundry, turbulent, candle, interinsic, waving fountain, shower, dmotions, waterfall, dmotion
Gtruth stream, dmotion, turbulent sea, dmotion, turbulent boiling, turbulent
DTM-HEM anemone, stream, fountain, foam, aquarium sea, turbulent, waving, dmotion, pond boiling, turbulent, laundry, flag, waving
GMM-HEM-DCT stream, waterfall, dmotion, oscillating, foam sea, river, waving, fountain, dmotion boiling, candle, interinsic, turbulent, flag
GMM-HEM-OPF toilet, plant, field, sky, oscillating rain, river, sea, basin, random candle, laundry, turbulent, interinsic, flag